Reflecting on a common agenda

Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dates: February 13, 2012

On February 13, 2012, the CUT Brazil and Sustainlabour organized a debate in Sao Paulo, that gathered unionists, members of Vitae Civilis, Greenpeace, the Social Observatory, the organization of consumers, IDEC, and the observatory of women to discuss a new system of production and consumption and the relationships between the environmental and labour variables.

The discussion document for the event can be downloaded below : Placing the economy at the service of sustainable development. Challenges and opportunities in Rio + 20: Green Economy, jobs and production and sustainable consumption (available only in Portuguese).

The debate was set around the following questions:

1. What should an economy that respects environmental issues include in order to meet the needs of social progress? What elements should be considered in relation to the environment for a progressive economy?

2. What are the main conflicts that have occurred in the course of your work in relation to labour issues and the environment?

This event was organized by Vitae Civilis as part of a series of discussions on green economy. Video coverage of the event is available here (at the minute 6 mark)

  • Placing the economy at the service of sustainable development


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