On Line Course on "Gender, Social Protection and Sustainable Development"

In the months of May and June, the on-line course on “Gender, Social Protection and Sustainable Development” was developed through the Sustainlabour virtual Campus. This training activity was made possible thanks to the collaboration the Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV, the International Training Centre of the ILO), and the International Trade Union Confederation.

The objective of the course was to analyze the inevitable intersection of two priority axes: sustainable development – which combines the protection of the planet, and human development – and social protection, hence reinforcing the capacities of the trade union movement involved in the promotion of sustainable development and social protection in each country, from a gender perspective, with a special focus on women trade unionists.

The analysis of these two axes has been carried out with a gender perspective, meaning that different implications on men and women have been examined of issues such as environmental protection, the implementation of a “Social Protection Floor”, the promotion of green and decent jobs, just transition, etc.

The course was set up on the basis of a “rights´ based approach”, structuring the contents along three lines:

  • The link between environment, development and sustainability, from a gender perspective
  • The link between labour and environment
  • The link between social protection and environmental sustainability.

The course was aimed at representatives from the trade union movement (with a special focus on trade union leaders) as well as representatives of women’s organizations. A total of 16 women and 5 men from different trade union organizations from Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela, successfully completed this training programme.

Trade union organizations should have the capacity to intervene so that the Social Protection Floor may become a reality and in terms of its application for the extension of coverage in the framework of decent work and rights. The development of a Social Protection Floor requires a massive effort on behalf of trade unions in it initial phases, above all in terms of participation in the assessment, revision of existing programmes, and the bases for planning, a course of this nature is therefore very pertinent.

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