Manual on Sustainable Development and Decent Work - Africa

Title: Sustainable development and decent work: a training manual for African workers

Type: Training manual

Produced by: Sustainlabour and ACTRAV-ILO

Year: 2011

Available versions: EN

Today the world faces an unprecedented global crisis that affects the very basis of our societies, and encompasses a number of serious and planetary crises: economic, social, food, employment, climate, environmental. The challenges are mounting up and it is obvious that it is workers worldwide, especially in developing countries, who are the ones to feel the negative effects first of these challenges.

While it is necessary to take some short-term measures, we have to think about a more long-term model which ensures that social, economic and environmental progress go hand in hand, in the hope of avoiding a future like that of today for the next generations. This manual aims to contribute to this process, adding elements and analytical tools for the African trade union movement. This initiative is promoted by ILO’s International Training Centre in Turin and Sustainlabour.

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September 1, 2011

Training tools for Africa

From August 22 – 26, 2011 a meeting was organized in Kisumu, Kenya by ACTRAV and the ILO´s International Training Centre of Turin to discuss and validate a training manual for African workers on Sustainable Development and Decent Work.


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