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Occupational exposures: Experiences on advancing a more sustainable management of chemicals

A side event at the ICCM4 presented the Trade Unions campaign, their experiences around SAICM implementation and workers priorities towards 2020. It also linked to the stories shared in the Special Rapporteur Report.

Argentine Unions committed to the fight against climate change

Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 20th 2015.

Trade unions in Argentina discussed and arrived at 14 joint commitments regarding the fight against climate change. Argentine unions are deeply committed to a sustainable future which includes reducing emissions, improving efficiency and guaranteeing the protection of workers. Sustainlabour was in attendance to contribute and participate in the discussion.

Peruvian trade unions for Climate Action

On August 27 in Lima Peru the three major unions CATP, CUT and CGTP met to agree on a message for climate action and reducing emissions.  On emissions reductions, efficiency improvements and protection of workers, Peruvian trade union organizations show their strong commitment towards a sustainable future.

Improving workers health trough sustainable management of chemicals. Trade union inputs towards 2020

On the 9th and 10th of July, 2015 trade union representatives met -to evaluate and reflect on the progress and needs for further action in sound management of chemicals.  The meeting had the  support of the Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) 

Trade unions in Ghana support climate action, renewable energy and dumsor crisis solving and oppose new coal plant project

Ghanaian trade unions met in Accra on the 16th July to discuss and agree on a climate action campaign. 

Chemicals and occupational health

Where: Rosario, Argentina

When: 16 June 2015

As part of the activities organized by the National University of Rosario in the framework of the "Week for Dignity in Science", Sutainlabour presented its work on chemical risk in Latin America.

TUCA and Sustainlabour launch a manual on chemical risk reduction in the workplace

A guide for Latin American Unions, union training centers, prevention delegates in OHS joint committees. A guide to be used in workplaces all over the continent. Download it here (only in Spanish)

Sound management of chemicals: key for improving workers´ and communities´ health in Latin America

Published:  Abril 2015

Main achievements and results of the Projects implemented by Sustainlabour with support from the
Quick Start Programme (QSP) of SAICM


New Publication. Unions4Climate. Reducing emissions from the workplace and creating jobs. 4 European Case Studies.

Authors: Laura Martín, Julio Rivera

Published: January 2015

The four case studies presented here, which cover commitments from British, Spanish, Belgian and German trade unions, detail union proposals on emission reductions and other climate-related policies and their impact on national contexts, economic perspectives and job creation.               

Chemical risk: The muted crisis. A few steps in the right direction at the ICCM3

ICCM 3. Nairobi, 2014.

The constant increase in the production of chemicals, the strong lobby that displays a powerful industry to oppose regulation, the lack of knowledge and responsibility from industries that use most of the substances without assessing risks for workers and the environment, causes that chemicals management is increasingly a serious global problem but unfortunately on of the most "muted" in the world. ICCM met last September to address a sustainable management of chemicals. 

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May 17, 2016

Thanks everybody. Sustainlabour says good bye

Sustainlabour is closing after 12 years of fighting for social and environmental rights. Although we are closing, we leave behind a legacy on which future work can grow. Sustainlabour may be winding down but our flame will continue to burn on in the labour movement and in every labour action taken on environmental sustainability and a just transition.

October 19, 2015

Civil society publishes review of national climate targets

Step-change needed to get a Paris Agreement that’s ambitious and fair

(Bonn, Germany, 19 October, 2015) – A review of country climate targets reflecting the twin pillars of science and equity has been released by civil society ahead of the UN climate conference in Paris.

September 25, 2015

Fighting toxic work

At the ICCM4 unions will launch a video and a publication on problems and solutions for occupational exposures to chemical hazards. 

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United Steelworkers (USW) putting breast cancer out of work

In partnership with the BlueGreen Alliance (an alliance that unites the largest union and environmental organizations), the USW launched a campaign to Put Breast Cancer Out of Work. Through this initiative they aim to prevent breast cancer and other chronic diseases by promoting safer alternatives to the current use of dangerous chemicals.

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