Hacks phrases in writing an essay

An essay is a short essay with a specific structure in which you express your point of view on a given topic. The essay has a clear structure and a certain volume. But sometimes, students lack the words to complete their point or make the context logically complete. In this case, hacks phrases can help. You can give your essay objectivity by using the following word constructions:

  • use impersonal constructions: It is believed that, It cannot be argued that; It also should be noted that;
  • use the passive voice if you do not want to indicate the performer of the action: Tests have been conducted;
  • to show your attitude to the issue, but to avoid personal judgments, you can use adverbs: apparently, arguably, ideally, strangely, unexpectedly.

So, do you need to write an essay about hacks phrases to make your essay longer? As a means of artistic expression when writing an essay, various metaphors, associations, comparisons, aphorisms, and quotations are encouraged, drawing parallels and analogies. The liveliness and dynamism of the text of an essay are usually given by questions, unexpected transitions, and unpredictable conclusions.

How to write an essay about hack phrases when writing an essay? 

No matter how free an essay is, any work has its requirements. In the main part, it is worth reflecting on different points of view on the tasks set, and you can discuss the issue’s history. When compiling the main part, it is necessary to adhere to a certain structure. The thoughts and opinions of the author on the issues are reflected in the form of abstracts, followed by arguments. These are facts supported by evidence, or it may be the opinion of scientists. Most often, these are two arguments because one is not enough to confirm, and three can already lead to an increase in volume.

In addition, there is a commonly used five-paragraph essay structure called the “funnel” style. This style of text construction is suitable for standardized essays when time is limited, and it is important to show that you can write three meaningful paragraphs on a given topic. The funnel comparison comes from the idea that you make some general observations in the introduction and gradually narrow the circle down to the main three aspects, each of which is discussed in its paragraph. 

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